Love, Hope and Misery

Album: On My One (2016)


  • Jake Bugg explained the song's meaning to iHeartRadio: "That's a song about somebody having feelings for somebody else that doesn't feel the same way," he said. "But the other person feels guilty about not feeling the same way as them, and so they're trying to explain it to them, and it can be difficult."
  • The video takes its influence from Bill Withers' 1972 performance of "Ain't No Sunshine" on The Old Grey Whistle Test. It was directed by Michael Holyk, who previously helmed the clip for Bugg's "Gimme The Love."
  • The pop ballad has another Bill Withers connection as it features Withers' drummer James Gadson. "I wanted something with an epic pop chorus because I hadn't done anything like that before," said Bugg. "Along the lines of Nilsson, or Bill Withers."

    "The best thing was we actually got in Withers' drummer, James Gadson," he continued. "He's in his seventies now and he's just the coolest guy. He sits there chilling, eating fish and chips, and then laying down these amazing drums. He's my favourite drummer so to have him playing on this record was a personal highlight."
  • This was one of three On My One tracks that was helmed by R.E.M, U2 and Snow Patrol producer Garret "Jacknife" Lee. Bugg told The Sun: "He was good. He challenged me, which is great because I didn't use any writers to bounce ideas off this time."

    "With Jacknife on Love, Hope & Misery he kept telling me I needed a better chorus," he added. "It can be hard to hear sometimes but I went away and wrote a better chorus and I am happy about that."


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