Safe Inside

Album: Back From The Edge (2016)
Charted: 31
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  • Written with producer Jonathan Quarmby (Sugababes' "Round Round") and Emma Rohan (Little Mix's "Secret Love Song"), James Arthur touches on the relationship between himself and his younger sister. The same trio also penned the title track and "Prisoner" on Back From The Edge.
  • Arthur explained the story behind the song in a video:

    "That's a really personal one. I'm again working with Emma Rohan and Jonathan Quarmby. They have great life experience and both have children and I wanted to pick their brains about how it feels like to be a parent and they were really helpful with that one.

    Things started pouring out of me because of my experience of parenting has been looking after my little sister from a young age, me and my little sister struck up a bond, because her father abandoned her when she was very young and I took the role of being a father figure to her.

    The lyric is 'Is it time to let go now you're older.' I worry about her all the time. I just wanted to put that across in the song."
  • James Arthur sings at the beginning of the song:

    I remember when you were all mine
    Watched you changing in front of my eyes

    He explained to Genius: "It's personal to me, the song, but I am also trying to make it universal as well. My sister never necessarily walked away from me, but we spent time apart. I can relate to that worry that a parent would have for a kid who is leaving the nest and growing up. So that's what that line is about."

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  • Becca from OhioAs a parent with young children, the horror and anxiety of the looming future of mistakes awaiting them in their early adult life, this song pretty much ripped my soul out, trampled on it, took my nerves and chewed on them like a hungry badger, twisted my intestines, and made me cry like a baby. This will be the song I play perpetually when the time comes. I try to educate them on the awful ways people can use and abuse you and the horrible things they can end up doing to themselves. I just pray it’s enough to help them F up a little less than I did. Thank you, James!
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