Wild Love

Album: Electric Light (2018)
Charted: 39


  • The first single to be released from James Bay's second album Electric Light is a futuristic synth-based track, which is a world away from the guitar driven sound that largely characterised his debut record. The singer co-wrote and co-produced the track with his longtime friend and collaborator Jon Green (Chaos and the Calm's "When We Were on Fire") and brought Paul Epworth (Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" and "Skyfall") in to add final production elements.

    "It definitely takes it to a new place. I've got a new look, a new sound. I just fancied a new chapter," Bay told NME. "There are moments on the album that sort of 'bridge' from The Chaos And The Calm to the new album, but the best way I could put it is that I've been listening to other stuff. I got deep into Frank Ocean, LCD Soundsystem, Chance The Rapper, a load of David Bowie, Lorde."
  • So why did Bay chose this song to lead his sophomore album. He explained to Billboard:

    "'Wild Love' just felt like a great sort of reintroduction to myself as an artist. There was a big handful of options, and I like how that song's not desperate for attention, but it gets it - I think it deserves it. It doesn't take much time to get into. I suppose what I'm trying to say is, it absolutely has an immediacy."
  • Bay explained the song's meaning: "'Wild Love' is about the experience of falling for someone. Something you can feel immediately when you meet them for the first time, or which rekindles throughout a relationship. It's also about yearning for someone - whether that's the person you can't keep your eyes off across the room or, in my experience, the person you don't stop thinking about wherever you are in the world."
  • The song's music video co-stars Natalia Dyer as James Bay's love interest. The actress is best known for playing Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things. James Bay is a huge Stranger Things fan and he explained to Music Choice how he got Natalia Dyer, whom he'd never met, to play his love interest.

    "Natalia is immensely talented and emotive and very gripping to watch," he said. "And just thinking about the first video I was gonna make and release for my new album, it just sprang to mind, 'Wouldn't it be cool to get somebody like her to star opposite me in the video?'"
    "I sent the song to Natalia…and I sent her my idea for the video and she listened to the song and she came back and she said, 'I love the song and I'm actually on my way back from Europe and I've got some free time.'"
  • The song was inspired by Bay returning home to a loved one after he'd traversed the world on tour. "When I got home after all that time, traveling around the world, seeing all those people, playing all those massive shows, I got to get back to that person at home and I got to feel that euphoria all over again," he explained to Billboard. "So it just felt incredible to be back in the company of that one special person."
  • James Bay explained the Electric Light record title: "If I had to describe my first album visually it would probably be a flame – while this new album is about a real sonic and artistic evolution for me. The feeling of a 100 watt bulb expanding and brightening is what I envisioned. 'Electric Light' came to my mind and I knew it was perfect."


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