Album: Memories of a Beautiful Disaster (2011)


  • Durbin co-wrote this song with seventh season American Idol champ David Cook, songwriter Gregg Wattenberg (O.A.R.'s "Shattered (Turn The Car Around)" and Rock Star: Supernova contestant Ryan Star. Speaking with Alternative Addiction, Durbin recalled the writing of the track: "It was a very fun song to write. I was in Manhattan and I get to the Wind-Up studio called Rewind Studios," he said. "I get up there and I knew I was doing a writing session and David Cook ended up being there. I didn't know I was writing with him even though I'd talked to him before and hung out with him a little bit. And then Ryan Star and meeting him was cool. He's a really great singer and a really great musician. And Gregg Wattenberg showed up- he's a great writer and he does A&R for Wind-Up Records, one of the top guys there. It was a lot of fun. I had some lyrics that I'd written for an idea that had a very bullying feel to it and it was called 'Scream' and we got 'Screaming' from it. It was a very fun song to write."
  • Durbin explained the song's meaning: "The funny thing about 'Screaming' is that people might think because I was on Idol and I was the screamer that it's just a bunch of painkiller high notes, but it really isn't. It's about being bullied, it's about being picked on and revolting for it, saying 'I'm screaming for my losers and we're screaming at the abusers and we're showing them that we're fed up.' It's like the fist in the air - we're all joining hand-in-hand to fight the battle, but to fight it with our hearts, not with fists."


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