A Little More Time With You

Album: Hourglass (1997)


  • James Taylor wrote this about the time of his recovery from his addictions to cocaine, methadone, liquor and tobacco. However, he doesn't reveal the identity of the woman he's singing to in the chorus where he sings, "I gotta spend, a little more time with you, babe."
  • Stevie Wonder wrote the harmonica parts, which he played on this song while Taylor softly strummed his acoustic guitar.
  • This song helped Taylor's Hourglass album win the 1997 Grammy Award for Album of the Year.
  • Taylor appeared on VH1's Storytellers series, which was filmed a few weeks before Hourglass was released in June of 1997. On the show, James played several of his memorable hit recordings, Including "Mexico," "Fire And Rain" and Sweet Baby James," and told the stories behind each of them. Before he started strumming the opening notes of this song, Taylor told the story behind it, in a tone that was very entertaining to the studio audience. He finished the story with the humorous and crowd-pleasing statement, "This is just basically, yer Love Jones!"

    His Storytellers performance of this song went into rotation on VH1, serving as the music video. Support from the network was a big deal, since there weren't many outlets for new James Taylor songs at the time. >>
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