How Could I Want More

Album: The Journey (2013)


  • This was the first Country single released by Britney's younger sister and the one-time teen star of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears. The song was dropped on November 25, 2013, an event that made the singer nervous mostly because of its personal nature. She explained to Taste of Country: "I wrote this song (with Rivers Rutherford) about my soon-to-be husband, my fiancé (Jamie Watson). Relationships go through ups and downs. This was a point where I'd just broken up with him and this song came right from such a vulnerable place that I was in, every time I sing it it just brings me right back there. And to look at where we are now … So every time I go to sing it, all those emotions just come running back up and I just end up crying."

    "When I recorded the song, I completely cried in the studio," Jamie Lynn added. "Thankfully, my producer didn't think I was crazy and he continued to work with me. But I think that translates through the song as well. You can hear the emotion behind it."
  • Asked by Taste Of Country how her fiancé responded the first time he heard it, Jamie Lynn replied: "Surprisingly, he just really loved it. He's like, 'I really think it's a beautiful song.' He was really proud that I put this whole thing together, and ultimately he was the reason behind it."
  • Jamie Lynn told MTV News about the temporary break up that inspired this song. "I had just moved to Nashville so I was really focusing on working and being a mom and a new town and a new home," she recalled, "so me and him broke up for a little bit so I could really focus on that, so this song was written in that vulnerable moment."


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