Album: Getting Dressed In The Dark (2009)
Charted: 34


  • Jaron Lowenstein is an American Country singer-songwriter who was formerly one-half of the folk-pop musical duo Evan and Jaron, a pairing with his twin brother Evan. Now recording as Jaron and the Long Road to Love, he released this debut single to Country radio in November 2009.
  • In his review of the song for USA Today, Brian Mansfield described it as "a twisted novelty that combines country's fondness for spiritual themes and relational revenge."
  • When the song entered the Hot 100 on the chart dated April 10, 2010, it was Lowenstein's first entry since "Crazy for This Girl" completed a 23-week chart run this week in 2001 after peaking at #15.
  • Lowenstein made a second version of the music video to give some backstory on why he's so bitter about his ex in the song. He told CMT: "They wanted a video that answered questions like what happened to this guy, and why's he so angry, and show it in a dark comedic way."
    The singer added that he came close to casting his real-life ex, actress Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory), in the role of his girlfriend in the clip. "Originally, I wanted my real ex to do it. I think she would've really tried to kill me in the video, and that could have been really funny too!" The part eventually went to actress Jaime Pressly, best known for her role as Joy in My Name Is Earl.
  • Both Lowenstein's recording name and the Getting Dressed In the Dark album title are references to the singer's journey of love and his sudden entrance into Country music. "I'm not getting it right and I don't know if I ever will, but I'm not going to give up trying, and I think that's okay," Lowenstein explained to The Boot: "I don't think I'll ever achieve perfection, but I want to keep looking for it. I feel like 'Getting Dressed in the Dark' is having faith in yourself and just saying, 'When I emerge into the light, hopefully I'll get it right.' And then there's a lot of funny other visuals that will come up when you get dressed in the dark that people have suggested to me. I've heard 'getting dressed before the sun comes up and leaving somebody's house.' I've heard a lot of those, but my intention was using it metaphorically speaking... The title models itself after my journey and foray into Country music. I didn't really plan on going Country. I didn't plan on going any genre. I just planned on making music and telling my stories and just hope that people will find me, and they did."


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