Girl Like You

Album: Rearview Town (2018)
Charted: 46
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  • This song finds Jason Aldean falling hard for a girl.

    I've never met a girl like you
    That's ever done it quite like you do
    Your kiss is double-barrel bourbon on rocks
    Your lips are just the cherry on top

    Aldean is anticipating a passionate night with his lover.
  • The love song was written by Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda and Michael Tyler. The three songwriters also co-wrote together Dierks Bentley's Top 40 single "Somewhere on a Beach."
  • Producer Michael Knox blends rock, R&B and hip-hop influences into the seductive beat-driven song. The track was released as the third single from Rearview Town, following two more traditional country releases.

    "Our fans have always been along for the ride when we mess around with different sounds," said Aldean. "I've always loved big guitars and a good groove, but we've never really done it like this before. So, it's cool that we can do that coming off something like "You Make It Easy" and "Drowns the Whiskey."
  • The song didn't come easily to the three writers. After a fruitless hour working on one idea they decided to put it aside and start on something else. One of them came up with the "Girl Like You" hook but by then it was around 5 o'clock, so they decided to record that part and maybe finish the song on another day.

    Michael Tyler went home and wrote the first verse. He sent it to the other two, who liked what he'd come up with, so they all got back together and completed the song.
  • The three songwriters gave their demo to Michael Knox, who sent it on to Aldean. The singer fell in love with it immediately. He recalled to The Boot:

    "There's just certain songs that kind of grab you right off the bat, you know? It's hard to put a finger on what it is you like about it; it's just ear candy. When it's ear candy and the subject matter is cool, and it just feels like an effortless lyric to me, that's a cool thing.

    That was one that, right off the bat, the chorus kicks in, and it goes from this soft kind of thing to this big, heavy, rock 'n' roll chorus, which grabbed me right off the bat."
  • When Jason Aldean recorded the song, he ended up using Josh Mirenda and Michael Tyler's backing vocals from their demo.


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