Album: Everything Is 4 (2015)
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  • During the early stages of Jason Derulo's career, he was known for singing his name at the beginning of each of his songs. So when Meghan Trainor teamed up with him for this upbeat track in 2015, the songstress begged Derulo for the chance to croon his infamous name. "She bamboozled me," he told MTV News. "Her and the producer were in the room and were like 'Yeah let's do it,' and I'm like, 'No I'm not doing that no more, it's retired.' And then the intro came in and she did it and I was like, 'It's pretty dope.'"
  • Derulo and Trainor actually recorded the song in the studio together, which is something that rarely happens in this high-tech era. "She's like a firecracker. We get on pretty well. She likes joking around, and me too, and it was an amazing experience because we actually did it differently, we actually recorded in the booth at the same time," Derulo said. "We got to really get that synergy, we almost felt as one. I feel like you can hear that on the record, too - you can hear us laughing and joking and freestyling."
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