The George Strait Cover Band

Album: not on an album (2008)
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  • Like with his song "Stray," this song has not been included on any of Jason Michael Carroll's albums - yet. It's a popular song with his live shows. It's near to his heart because he wrote for his mother, who requested a song that would showcase his sense of humor.

    Co-written with best friend David Stallings, who now serves as his production manager Jason told us about this song: "I'd been trying to think of a way to do what my mom asked. And I came up with this idea of going to New York City and seeing a band that played George Strait songs almost as well as he did - they were called The George Strait Cover Band. And it talks about 'I never thought I'd hear a sound like that from a band that was wearing backwards baseball caps.' The chorus, each time it comes around it's a different George Strait song, one after the other. They sang 'True' and 'I Just Want To Dance With You,' and then they sang 'Marina Del Rey.' And went on 'The Chair,' 'Right or Wrong,' this is where 'The Cowboy Rides Away.' I mean, it's just really cool how it all kind of melded together. But that's a hugely requested song at all my shows, too, and that's not on a record anywhere.
    It's really cool, though, the fact that we have that fan base that's becoming – for lack of a better word right now – rabid about my music. And they're really getting into what I do, it's very flattering. And even songs that are not on records, they want to hear them anyway, it's just amazing to me. I'm like Tupac, Eventually, hopefully a long time from now after I pass, they'll be like, 'And Jason Michael Carroll, who passed away several years ago, here's his brand new record!'" (check out our interview with Jason Michael Carroll)
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