Album: After Bathing at Baxter's (1967)


  • Written by Grace Slick, this song was inspired by James Joyce's novel Ulysses.
  • This song follows Jorma Kaukonen's "The Last Wall of the Castle" in the third of the album's five suites, entitled "Hymn to An Older Generation." >>
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    Mark - Desperate Hot Springs, CA, for above 2

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  • Apsa from AfricaCaptivating song, musically speaking. Fantastic bass, subtle drumming.
    The horns are Spencer Dryden's idea.
    Grace and Spencer (who were lovers, then) shared an interest for Jazz music.
  • Malcolm from LondonI think the last line of the 4th verse should be (more like) 'let Constant Gedding throw up on his leg'. I think Constant Gedding is another character mentioned in 'Ulysses', together with Bloom, Boylan ('Blazes' Boylan - Molly's lover), and possibly Stephen (Dedalus).
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