Headmasters Of Mine

Album: Jeffrey Gaines (1992)


  • Growing up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Gaines was more interested in the arts than in more traditional subjects like math and science. In "Headmasters Of Mine," Gaines sings about how the school was assimilating students for mundane jobs where creativity is stifled in favor of production. He told us: "My school experience was probably like a lot of other kids who did not care about the school experience - it was a thing I had to do."
  • Gaines was signed to Chrysalis Records, where he released his self-titled debut album in 1992. He released albums in 1994 and 1998, then had a breakthrough in 2001 when his cover of "In Your Eyes" became an Adult Contemporary hit. Regarding his record company experience, Gaines told us: "I think it was great recording for a label - that label, any label - it has been great. Since leaving Chrysalis / EMI, I went on to do the same thing for other labels, and those experiences have gone and are going great as well. In the US, I recorded for Rykodisc and Artemis Recors. Overseas, my records came out on Epic, Virgin, and I have a new live CD coming out on Rough Trade in the fall (2011, in Europe)."


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