All Is Forgiven

Album: Regions Of Light And Sound Of God (2013)


  • Regions Of Light And Sound Of God was inspired by minister/engraver Lynd Ward's woodblock-print graphic novel God's Man, which documents the story of an artist's struggle with temptation and corruption amidst discovering true love. James explained to Spin magazine that he this song acts as the theme for the book's Devil character adding that he wrote it "for the end when the devil comes back to take his due."
  • James told Spin magazine that he was in part attracted to the book as had a parallel experience to its main character, which culminated in a nasty experience in which he fell off the stage at a 2008 MMJ show in Iowa City. "It's one of those things you can look at over and over because it's so beautiful," he explained. "When I saw it I felt like I was electrocuted, that I knew it from a past life. I was like, 'Woah, here it is again!' I read it and read it. The message of it is... I didn't feel like I was selling my soul to the devil or anything but there was a time a few years ago when I wasn't listening to my heart a lot and I was traveling a dark path and it resulted in a physical injury. I fell off the stage and not following my heart led to me being physically injured, which was a very horrible experience and very psychologically traumatic. I thought that might be the end of me."


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