Know Til Now

Album: Regions Of Light And Sound Of God (2013)


  • Regions Of Light And Sound Of God was inspired by Lynd Ward's 1929 graphic novel God's Man, which tells of a struggling artist who sells his soul to the devil in order to get a magic paintbrush that allows him to instantly become famous. James explained to Spin magazine that he wrote this song "for when the guy is progressing in the city."
  • Speaking with Billboard magazine, James said the song "started as just a sound collage." He explained: "I've been into getting into trances in general and meditating. I'm really into Fela Kuti and James Brown and music that's super repetitive, like the same [riff] for fu--ing 10 minutes while all this other s--t's changing on top of it. That one started with this loop that went on for much longer than is on the record. That's often how things like that'll start; I'll just play that thing for 10 minutes and then solo all over it and then pick out the parts I like and condense it to the best parts. I tried to make the beginning and end of the body of 'Know Till Now' a sound collage of different parts floating through space and I just felt like that ending thing came out of nowhere like a big ship or something."


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