Didsbury Girl

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  • This is a track from Doves vocalist Jimi Goodwin's first solo album, Odlukek. The song was first demoed in 2004 as a possible track for Doves' third album Some Cities.
  • Goodwin told NME: "There's this lyric, 'Watch out, you living now. Time to tear those posters down,' which is about a teenager realising that young adulthood might not be all it's cracked up to be, or a young gay person dealing with coming out. I see my teenage daughter now having her ups and downs, and it reminded me how tough those years can be."
  • Didsbury is a Manchester suburb frequented by Goodwin in his youth.
  • Jimi Goodwin wrote the song with Paul Weller sideman Simon Dine. He told Q magazine: "Simon is properly great. He's really into sample culture, finding mad bits in old '60s records."
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