Hear My Train a Comin'

  • Also known as "Getting My Heart Back Together Again," Hendrix often played this song live, but never released the song on an album. Hendrix first played it in studio on December 19, 1967. During a photo shoot session, he was given a guitar and asked to play something for the camera. The original tape was re-discovered in 1993 only and remastered by Eddie Kramer. You can hear it on the Blues compilation, released in 1994. On this album, you can also hear a live version played by Hendrix on May 30, 1970 in Berkeley. >>
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  • The only Jimi Hendrix Experience studio recording of this song crops up on the 2010 Valleys of Neptune album. Hendrix producer/engineer Eddie Kramer commented to Toronto's The Globe and Mail: "It shows a complete at-oneness with his instrument. Jimi had a thought in his mind, and in a nanosecond it gets through his body, through his heart, through his arms, through the fingers, onto the guitar."
  • The version on Hendrix's posthumous album, People, Hell & Angels, was drawn from Jimi's first ever recording session with his old army pal, Billy Cox, and drummer Buddy Miles. He would later record the groundbreaking album Band Of Gypsys with the powerhouse rhythm duo. Co-producer John McDermott commented to Digital Spy: "Billy and Buddy understood how to set the tempo. If you listen to this recording, they play it the same way as they did on the Live At The Fillmore East album. They knew intuitively that the song should have a great, menacing groove; it shouldn't be old-school, old-tempo, four-bar stuff. They wanted it to have a totally different feel, and that's what makes it exciting."

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  • Marcus from Columbia, MoThe Isle of Wright footage is way sweet. I saw it on Netflix and just thought it was a great performance. And the video for this song above is awesome. I hope they keep releasing material from Hendrix.
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyI'am glad to own this compilations of Blues,of The Man,The Myth,The Legend,,many other greats plus a few covers,He was a master of recording a cover and make sound greater than the original.I also have DVD in Isle of Wight,,superb concert footage.
  • Kevin from Los Angeles, Ca..on Band of Gypsys 2 he calls it 'Lonesome Train'.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InUh, if you click the link above, you will find the very 12-string acoustic footage of Jimi. This is one of the VERY few recordings of Jimi on acoustic, and he is as comparably good on that instrument as one could ever hope.
    Watching and listening to this, it is readily evident that Jimi knew quite well which side his bread was buttered on...steeped in the blues.
  • G from Potomac, MdWhen he introduces it on Band of Gypsys he calls it by another name, "Slow Train" or something like that.
  • Sam from Seattle, Wain the "Jimi Hendrix" movie, there is a video of him playing this song, with no band, on a 12-string acoustic guitar
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