Pretty Grids

Album: Integrity Blues (2016)


  • Jim Adkins sings here about the excitement of the chase during the early stages of a relationship

    There's a sound that's true, but the voice is new
    And a half-dancing attempt to learn your name
    Right place and time for the haze and lights
    There's a chance I meet your eyes if I move in

    Adkins explained to Kerrang!: "The idea of them is at such a high level, and it might be more than the reality of what the other person is. It's a stage in almost any kind of relationship, where the idea of it is just this intoxicating thing. But it's not real. Most relationships are basically just the slow degradation of the fantasy of the other person, and it's difficult (laughs). Because you build up this imaginary idea of what this other person can be, with complete disregard to what they are or who they are.

    It can be disappointing to find out they're different, but guess what? You're different too for them. It's happening on the other side. So not unlike a magic trick being revealed, like, 'Reaaly?' This is who you are?' 'Pretty Grids' is about right before that all comes down."


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