A Woman's Rant

Album: Me (2014)
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  • A mother of two young sons, Jo Dee Messina wrote this song about her younger child Jonah's sleeping troubles. "It was written in a few minutes," she said. "My youngest baby wouldn't sleep longer than two hours. One night I was sick and could barely move so I tried to wake up my husband to get the baby, but I couldn't get him to budge. After feeding the baby, burping him, changing him, I was wide awake. That's when I went downstairs and wrote 'A Woman's Rant.' It's literally a day in the life of me. Ha!"
  • Messina sings at the end of the song:

    "I'm gonna have a come-to-Jesus.
    You can guarantee.
    When I walk through those pearly gates
    I'm gonna have a talk with Eve."

    She told Taste of Country: "That was literally a line I used to say when I was pregnant. I performed until — I did a show December 19th and my son was born January 11th. So I was big, and I was pregnant and the baby was up in my lungs. So I'd push down on my stomach and be like, 'I'm so gonna have it out with Eve when this is all done.'"


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