Girls Are Crazy

Album: single release only (2013)


  • Joanna penned this song with Nashville songwriters Brandon Kinney (Craig Campbell's "Outta My Head") and Ben Daniel (Craig Morgan's "Show Me Your Tattoo"). She told Roughstock the amusing story behind the song: "I love telling this story about the way the song came about because it's so funny," Smith laughed. "I was running late to the writing appointment that morning, and when I got there, I blast into the room! Brandon and Ben were already in there, and on the table was two empty cans of Natural Light beer ... at 10:30AM! I was like what have I walked into now!?
    "Then they said, 'Joanna! We've got an idea for you!'" she continued, still laughing. "I thought, 'Oh, God ... what?!' They told me their title of 'Girls Are Crazy,' and I was like, 'OK, right! I don't think so!' Then I was like, 'Hmm ... on second thought, that could be really fun!' And that is how we segued into the song.
    "It's something that guys say all the time," Smith added. "While it's slightly offensive to us girls, I think we were smart about it and wrote it in a way where it's empowering and sexy ... it allows us to own the quality that we have. I think we can all admit that we are emotional beings and hormonal beings, so we might as well own it [laughs]! And besides ... guys obviously love that about us [laughs]!"


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