Album: Analog Man (2012)
  • This sonically ambitious track was inspired by a visit to a club Walsh made whilst in India. He explained to Billboard: "I really love the electronica guys, the young guys who are doing the house and the trance and the remix, all of that. I really salute them, they're making great music. I was in India with my wife, because we ended up in Australia at the end of an Eagles tour and we didn't want to come home. In Mumbai, I went into a little club and I heard a young band, but they weren't playing instruments, they were playing laptops. They had sub-woofers and lights and all, but these three guys with these computers made amazing music, and I said 'that's it!' I don't know how to do this, but based on that, I came home and made some loops and decided to play guitar on top of it, and that's how that song came about. I never would have attempted it if I hadn't seen those guys live, so that was my first attempt at it, and that's why I called it 'India.'"
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