Album Number Two

Album: Album Number Two (2010)
  • Rory Feek, who is Joey's husband and a popular Nashville songwriter, wrote this song with Wynn Varble and Don Poythress. It was intended for Blaine Larsen, who really was about to release his second album, but Larsen didn't record the song and it sat on the shelf for 5 years until Rory revived it for his second Joey + Rory album. Larsen also passed up "A Little More Country Than That," which Feek, Varble and Poythress wrote that same afternoon at a retreat in Hendersonville, Tennessee. That one was eventually recorded by Easton Corbin in 2009. (Read more in our interview with Joey + Rory.)
  • The song was partially inspired by an incident when Rory Feek was at a Nashville Shoney's restaurant in the late '90s. He recalled to The Boot: "I was a huge fan of this legendary singer, and he was there at Shoney's in the parking lot, and he came up to the car window. He wasn't begging for food or anything, but he was dangerously close, and he was really kind of having a tough time, and he was driving a junky old car, but the funny thing was, when you talked to him, he was talking about his big comeback. And it reminded me that even though we were doing well, you just never know how it's going to go in this business."


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