A Little Bit Longer

Album: A Little Bit Longer (2008)
Charted: 11


  • Nick Jonas has Type 1 diabetes, which can make him irritated and put him in a bad mood. This song deals his struggle with the disease - he wrote it in the empty ballroom of a hotel when he was having a rough day.
  • According to Entertainment Weekly, Nick Jonas wrote this song in about 20 minutes while shooting the movie Camp Rock. Kevin Jonas said: "Sometimes songs take weeks, but for us, some of the songs we love the most are the ones that only take 20 minutes."
  • In the same week that the A Little Bit Longer album entered the Billboard 200 at #1, the Jonas Brothers self-titled 2007 debut returned to the chart's Top 10. This meant that the threesome became the first group to have two simultaneous top 10 albums since 'N Sync's self-titled set was #2 and Home for Christmas #10 on the chart dated Jan. 2, 1999.

    The brothers could claim to have had a third set in the Top 10 as they featured on the #8 charting soundtrack to the Disney film Camp Rock.
  • The album's chart-topping success also meant that they became the first trio of brothers to top the tally since the Bee Gees Greatest was #1 in January 1980.
  • This debuted on the Hot 100 at #11, then dropped out of the chart in the following week. In doing so it broke the record for the highest entry on the tally not to notch a second chart week.

    In March 2014 Soko's "We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow" plummeted from an even higher position when it debuted at #9, only to drop out of the Hot 100 the following week.

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  • Kinzie from Norborne MoThe song a little bit longer inspired me because I am a type one diabetic and I thought it couldn't get better but when I listened to the song it made me feel a lot better about myself and let me know what I'm not alone there are people out there just like me that feel the same way that I did it is a very good song that I encourage people to watch.
  • Nichelle from Novi, MiI Support Nick Jonas! <3
  • Kate from Melbourne, AustraliaYou can have your own opinions about diabetes, but you need to understand this song doesn't just apply to him, it reaches out to anyone suffering from something they can't control. Weather it's Diabetes, depression or whatever.
    I suffer from Epilepsy - which, like diabetes can be controlled, but in some cases it can't, and in many cases, controlled does not mean cured.
    To have someone write a song that reaches that low point of complete isolation when you know that you have to be dealing with all the effects, highs, lows that come with your illness? That solid ache that never really goes away, when people give you unwanted pity, or stare at you when something to do with your illness goes wrong? I say thank you.
    It doesn't matter if it's not life-threatening or as severe in time as cancer or something like it. Everyone feels pain, little or big, and to have someone in his position try to reach that point is something wonderful.
  • Raye from Chicago, IlBeing a Type 1 Diabetic this song is amazing to me because i final know someone else feels the same way i do. Ive always been alone in this because i don't know any other diabetics. My parents, when I'm low or high and just don't feel good, they say that they know how i feel, but i know that they have know idea! Its even harder because whenever your low or high you have to stop what your doing and correct or eat something until you feel better. Currently I'm trying to get sponsors for skateboarding and that can get tricky too. in the middle of a shoot or a video i might get a low and have to stop for half an hour. that gets frustrating. And i can only feel bad for Nick because he probably does the somethings only during a tour. and if he has to stop he'll have to not go on stage and disappoint a lot of people. It really sucks having diabetes!!! we are still waiting on a cure. can't wait!!
  • Elizzbeth from Colorado Springs, CoA lot of you don't seem to get this song or diabetes! I'm sorry but as a type 1 diabetic for 3 years now, i can say that he actually was dead on with this song. "you don't what you've got till its gone" could mean a lot of things other than just dying, David, they could also and most likely do mean knowing the safety of going to bed and unless someone murders you you'll wake up. A diabetic could die in their sleep of hypoglycemia(severe low) and no one would know about it till its too late. Also for those who are bashing this song, nick and saying diabetes is no big thing, think on this- (and i did research to make sure) Type 1 diabetes is the number 5 killer of people under the age of 26! so it is a big deal.
  • Chelly from Baltimore, MdREALLY!!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Nick Jonas didn't write that song to whine the meaning behind it is No matter what in life kicks you down so bad you don't want to get up to get up and keep going because one day you'll make it to the top and to basically be happy for what you have in your life!!!! I am a huge Nick Jonas Fan and before i heard this song i couldn't stand the Jonas brothers but this song made me think He saying yea i have diabetes but I'm never going to this slow me down and that's what we all should do!!! Nick Jonas is an inspiration to us all!!!!!!!! I am behind Nick 100%!!! AS for the rest of you guys think what you want but I'm right!!!!
  • Lisa from Bloomington, Inugh...i have type 1 diabetes and have had it since 2001. sure it's a pain but it's not something that overwhelms your life unless you sit around feeling sorry for yourself. and just to be clear, the whole "not allowed to eat candy" thing is a MYTH. that was in the past, before we came up with different insulin and the insulin pump. personally, i can't stand the jonas brothers, and this song is just evidence of the suckfest that is their song-writing. nick jonas should use his diabetes to get people involved in the JDRF, not to get them to feel sorry for him.
  • Jenna from Sayreville, NjReally? Your complaining about him whining? You really need to get a grip. Think about how difficult this is for him. You probably don't have anything wrong with you. I personally hate the Jonas Brothers, and have never heard this song. But, a friend of mine WHOM HAS DIABETES, showed it to me. I know that it is a complete pain in the ass for her to have diabetes. She has to check every 6 seconds, and when a group of us go out she can hardly eat anything. I know it must be extremely hard to go through that. You really all need to stfu. We get hes not dying. But you don't know how he feels. You could show a little sympathy. Assholes.
  • Amanda from Gretna, VtOh my god! i hate that he's whining about this! and now he has a song! god people he'll live! George Harrison had throat cancer but didn't whine about it. yet Nick Jonas has diabetes and he wrote a song about it. people he'll live! George Harrison did. but he had throat cancer. key word CANCER. George didn't whine about it. his last word were 'Love one another'. now how nice is that?
  • San from San Fransisco, CaThis song is about Nick Jonas' diabetes.
  • Ariana from Sayreville, Njcoming from someone with diabetes, this is a touching song about nick jonas dealing with his diabetes. and whether you can treat it or having trouble treating it, it sucks to have diabetes. and when he says 'you dont even know what its like to be so low' he is right. getting lows as a diabetic can really suck and people pass out for a pretty long time. so all of you who posted comments on how juvenile this song is, once you step into a diabetics shoes it is so different. the urge to want to eat what you want is pretty strong when you have to watch everything. so if i were you id watch what i say about someone expressing their feelings about a life threating disease they have.
  • Riley from Los Angeles, Cau guys nick jonas is very strong about it...the song is telling u that u should just be happy living cuz u don't have anting like diabetes and how he's not gonna let it slow him down
  • J.d. from Austin, TxOh come on. I know i sound like an ass, but most of my friends are not exactly healthy, my grandma has it, and he does have more than enough money to treat this. John lennon had deep issues with society after his mother was killed. He didn't moan about it, though.
  • Victoria from Rochester, Nyi feels so bad for nick that he has type 1 diabeties but he teaches ppl out there who have it that everything is okay and he shows to himself and to everyone else that he is helpful,caring,and a great leader he shows kids that even though they have this diesiese it still dosent stop them from wut they love to do and thats why i love nick!!! The first time i heard this song i was crying seriously i was and when i saw him in concert i cried even more his message to the ppl was so creative so amazing!!! I love him i love this song and i love the jonas brothers!!!!
  • Alex from Los Angeles, CaDude, JD. Yes they do have a lot of money, but not THAT much. Plus you don't know what it's like to actually have the disease. I know people that have diabetes and it's not as easy as it looks or sounds. So seriously, shut up about what you don't know.
  • J.d. from Austin, TxHey, if i had diabetes and tens of millions of dollars, I would know I could treat it. And I didn't say there was a cure, I said he could treat it. I stand by what i said. Heck, there are millions of people who can barely afford their medications for diabetes, and we feel sorry for him when he has enough money to treat aids properly. How screwy is that?
  • Mango from Vancouver,JD, that is a stupid comment- no offense. There isn't a cure for diabetes! So how can he buy one?
    So it obviously is a big deal.

    Also, he wasn't 14 when he wrote it. And it doesn't matter how long it took him to write it. He had so much inspiration in him that it only took 20 minutes because the lyrics just came to him. So that proves that he didn't even have to think about it because it came right from his heart.
  • Cheddar from Montreal, QcI always did think it had to do with Nick's diabetis.
  • J.d. from Austin, TxDavid, that was uncalled for man. You shouldn't take low blows like that. I'm with you, diabetes is not that big a deal if you have the wealth of nick jonas. If it were some poor kid in a ghetto up in detroit, i would not be with you. But nick jonas has enough money to treat basically any disease you can catch.
  • David from Youngstown, OhNo disrespect to anyone with diabetes or any other medical issue, but this song sounds like it was written in 20 minutes. The lyrics sound like they were written by a 14-year-old. Oh, wait, they were. Also, he's not dying yet the lyrics talk of not knowing what you've got till it's gone. What's gone? His ability to eat candy?
  • Meredith from Rock Hill, Scits so sad i feel bad for ppl with diabetes. i have 3 friends with diabetes. they seem to struggle alot. they pass out if they dont get enough suger. nick must have a hard time with the tour, its hard work, he has to check his blood after working hard. i love him and i hope he doesnt die from diabetes. if he does I will be depressed.
  • Michelle from Timaru, New ZealandGood son for if your struggling with something like this
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