First Time


  • This mid-tempo cut that was debuted by the band live during their reunion show at New York's Radio City in October 2012. It was released on June 25, 2013.
  • Nick Jonas explained to MTV News why the brothers decided to follow up "Pom Poms," with this song. "I think it felt right," he said. "It felt like the kind of song that people that weren't maybe as familiar with our music and maybe wouldn't have called themselves fans would respond positively to because it's so different for us. Or, at least, I hope they will and it's one of my favorites, one of all of our favorites, I think from the minute we created it. So hopefully it's a positive reaction and it goes over great live. It's a big party when we play that song."
  • When the brothers originally started writing for their fifth album the songs they created didn't feel right, so they decided to take a break. The Jonas siblings reconvened around June of 2012 and this was one of the first cuts to surface. "We came back together and wrote that song and then everything changed," Kevin told Billboard magazine. "We were like, 'Right now we know what we're looking to do. Things are a little bit different' and the focus, the album, all of it changed and it really triggered some forward progress."

    Following the break-up of the Jonas Brothers, the release of V was cancelled. Instead the band decided to let their Team Jonas fan club members have 16 recordings, including "Pom Poms"' and "First Time," on an album with the title LiVe.
  • The song's music video was shot during the rehearsals for the 2013 Miss USA pageant at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. It features footage of the sibling trio having fun at the pool with friends, as well as soaking in the sights of Sin City. Amongst the people frolicking round the pool are actor and friend of the band,Wilmer Valderama, as well as Kevin Jonas' newly pregnant wife, Danielle, who fans will recognize from the E! Television reality series, Married to Jonas.


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