Five More Minutes


  • "Five More Minutes" is a yearning ballad in which Joe and Nick Jonas plead for a few more minutes of intimacy with their wives.

    Give me five more minutes
    Baby, I'm not finished loving you
    I don't wanna end it when we're only just beginning
    Give me five more minutes

    Their loved ones have "important places to be," but Joe and Nick don't want to them to leave quite yet.
  • It seems the Jonas Brothers have had time on their mind since their early days. Back in 2006, they recorded a song titled "6 Minutes" for their debut It's About Time album. That track found the sibling trio giving themselves 6 minutes to win a girl's heart.
  • The three Jonas Brothers wrote this at a writing camp with Zach Skelton, Delacey, James Ghaleb and Casey Smith. The siblings previously collaborated with Skelton and Smith on their song "Cool."
  • Zach Skelton plays bass, guitar, drums and keyboard on the track.
  • The Jonas Brothers first teased the song during their performance at the Grammy Awards in 2020. The full length "Five More Minutes" was featured in the band's tour documentary, Happiness Continues: A Jonas Brothers Concert Film. A month later, it was released as a single concurrently with "X" on May 15, 2020.


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