Album: Beauty and the Beast: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2017)
  • Josh Groban recorded this song for the soundtrack of Disney's 2017 live-action remake of the animated classic Beauty and the Beast. In the movie, it's sung by Dan Stevens, who plays The Beast.
  • The tune was co-written specifically for Beauty and the Beast by Alan Menken, who co-wrote all the songs for the original animated version and Tim Rice, with whom Menken shares a best original song Oscar for Aladdin's "A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)." It plays over the end credits of the film, along with two other newly-recorded tunes: Celine Dion's "How Does a Moment Last Forever" and a new version of "Beauty and the Beast" by Ariana Grande and John Legend.
  • The song highlights The Beast's sacrificial love for Belle. Menken explained to ABC Radio:

    "'Evermore' is this moment in the movie where the Beast has decided he's going to let Belle go to go back to her father. And he does that out of love, even though it means that the spell will not be broken."

    "He's watching her go, [saying], I know what love is now, and it's wonderful, even though I'll never see her again."
  • The song was a late addition to the film. Walt Disney Studios president of music and soundtracks, Mitchell Leib, explained to Billboard magazine:

    "There was a conversation about how the movie is called Beauty and the Beast and the Beast should have a song. Alan came back quite quickly with a phenomenal musical bed, and then Tim turned around a magnificent lyric about letting Belle go. It's like a Phantom of the Opera moment."


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