Metal Gods

Album: British Steel (1980)
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  • Frontman Rob Halford explained to Billboard magazine: "I'm a bit of a science-fiction fan, and I think I got the lyrics from that world-robots and sci-fi and metal gods, just by word association. It's a statement against Big Brother or something, about these metal gods that were taking over."
  • Guitarist K.K. Downing recalled to Billboard: "When we were recording that track we had loads and loads of fun trying to make it sound as metal as we can. We were shaking cutlery trays in front of the microphones to create the sound of metal marching feet." He added: "Ringo Starr actually owned the house when we were there, so we would go around to see what Ringo had that we could put on our record. So I guess it's Ringo's knives and forks that created the true "Metal Gods" sound, which is pretty funny to realize."
    Halford remembered: "In those days there wasn't an Internet, so you couldn't go online and download samples. So we would whip a piece of guitar chord on a flight case or swish a pool cue in front of a microphone for the audio effects. I lifted and dropped that cutlery tray 100 times, I think."
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  • Kieran from Brisbane, AustraliaThis tune is like iron man 10 years on. Lol
  • Jason from Aurora, CoI've heard this song so many times and I NEVER get sick of it.
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