Album: British Steel (1980)


  • Guitarist K.K. Downing told Billboard magazine that this song "has been one of our most successful tracks with musicians. The great Dimebag [Darrell of Pantera] and tons of musicians always cited that as being one of their favorite tracks. I never really knew why because it's fairly simplistic. I guess it's just the groove and the way it goes on at the end with wild bits of guitar and me and Glenn (Tipton) trading off."
  • This song, along with much of British Steel was written at Tittenhurst Park, in Ascot, Berkshire, England. The house was the former home of John Lennon (he recorded "Imagine" there) and Ringo was the owner at the time of the recording of the album, having purchased the residence from his fellow Beatle. Frontman and lyricist Rob Halford told Billboard: "Just some anger from me, mate. [laughs] God, where was my mind at? I was really f--king pissed... and the music we were making really made you feel that way. Jogging around the lake at Tittenhurst obviously didn't de-stress me."

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  • Anthony from Parsippany, NjIf you needed to introduce a Priest song to a newbie...this is the one that will get them hooked. And, it tells a cognizant of people who f--k with you! "Always someone, at your back....biding their time, for attack". Or, "Check for decoys, stay sharp-edged, double crossers get your head. Carpet baggers, bluff then strike, kiss of Judas, spider-like". Great.
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