Album: Legends Never Die (2020)
Charted: 7


  • Here, Juice WRLD recounts taking oxycodone in an attempt to shut out his demons of depression and anxiety. The rapper also tries consumerism ("Givenchy, Louis V, Double V, icy"), but the only thing that numbs his pain is the commitment and love he has for his girlfriend, Ally Lotti.
  • Juice recognizes that his drug dependency is killing him, but when his mental health demons are plaguing his life (or, as he puts it, "the devil hit my phone, he wanna talk") he feels powerless and pops some Oxy. Sadly, the rapper's fears were fulfilled when he died from an overdose of oxycodone on December 8, 2019.
  • Juice previously spoke about the demonic pull of drugs on his track "Wasted" when he recounts an unhealthy relationship with a cocaine user.

    She do cocaine in my basement
    I'm her doctor, but I'm runnin' out of patience
    She told me that she tryna get closer to Satan
    She be talkin' to him when she in the matrix
  • Ronny J produced the track. A member of Denzel Curry's Miami-based hip-hop collective C9, the beatmaker had two placements on Eminem's Kamikaze album: "The Ringer" and "Not Alike" and also produced "Everything We Need" on Kanye West's Jesus Is King record.


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