Cut Her Off

Album: In Due Time (2013)
Charted: 49
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  • This Atlanta banger was released on K-Camp's debut mixtape, In Due Time, in late 2013. The song gained much more popularity when 2 Chainz hopped on the remix and it entered the Hot 100 on the chart dated April 26, 2014.
  • The anti-woman baggage street anthem finds K-Camp rapping about keeping a girl he is not attached to in her place. He is just using her for sex and could get rid of the female and replace her without a second thought.
  • The song was conceived in the studio after a female friend ditched her plans for a late-night visit. The peeved rapper vented his frustrations over a beat. "I was recording at the crib, and I had this little chick who was about to pull up," K Camp recalled to Complex magazine. She shot me a text like 'what you doing?' I'm like 'I'm recording, pull up,' and she was like 'OK." In my head I'm like 'Bet.' I've been trying to hit this chick for a minute. So left the studio, this is around 11 p.m., so the liquor store closed."

    "So I run to the gas station to get some Lime-A-Ritas." he continued. "I'm pulling off, and see a car looking like it's going to my house, she hit me like'"is that you that just passed me?' I'm like 'Yeah, what's up. I'm running to the gas station.' Two minutes go by and she's like 'I'm about to leave.' F--k you mean you about to leave? I'm like 'A'ight f--k it then.' Now I'm pissed. I done spent my money, bought these fu--ing Lime-A-Ritas and she pull that monkey s--t? On top of that she already had a boyfriend so she out here creeping and s--t."

    "So I go back to the crib, and start listening to beats," K Camp concluded. "I just started freestyling, 'it ain't s--t to cut that bitch off.' Me and potna laughing at that s--t and I just started saying 'So what you got a man hoe?' I freestyled the whole record. I recorded it in 30 minutes. My folks messed around and played it in the club, and people was fu--ing with it."


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