Album: Golden Hour (2018)


  • "Mother" finds Kacey Musgraves crying as she recognizes herself in her own mom. The singer claims to have written this song in about 15 minutes while on an LSD trip and cites it as maybe being the most meaningful on Golden Hour.
  • Musgraves' use of addictive substances has long been referenced in her tunes, namely marijuana in such tracks as "Follow Your Arrow" and "High Time" and cigarettes on "Blowin' Smoke" but this is the first time she has cited a recreational drug as influencing her songwriting process.

    "I went on a fun acid trip and ended up writing the song 'Mother,'" she told Entertainment Weekly. "I got really tripped out thinking about my mom - she actually texted when I was tripping - and it made me nostalgic and emotional. I started thinking about the cycle of moms and life."


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