Can't Say What I Mean

Album: Off With Their Heads (2008)
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  • Kaiser Chief bassist Simon Rix told Drowned in Sound about this song with the subject of being tongue-tied: "It sounds like the very first songs we wrote together. It's got a bit of a sixties sound. On this album we recorded to tape a lot, especially vocals. We did the Sgt. Pepper tribute album last year, recording on the original desk. We enjoyed the restriction of that but also the sound of it and wanted to try and recreate a bit of that on our album. It's a very up tempo song that pounds along and I think it'll become a bit of a live favorite when the album comes out. This meant we wanted to record it just like we play it. We didn't use a click or metronome as we wanted the songs natural speeding up and slowing down to stay as that is part of the character of the song. So one evening we went into the live room and played it about three times together exactly as we would on stage, to capture the energy. Mark (Ronson, producer), had his top off and declared it his favorite Kaisers song ever."
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