Romeo And Juliet
by Kasey Chambers (featuring Foy Vance)

Album: Dragonfly (2017)


  • The sixth tune on Kasey Chambers' double album Dragonfly was inspired by Shakespeare's tragic play, Romeo and Juliet. Lyrically, the song seems to be written from the perspective of Juliet as evident in the first verse and chorus:

    When he said my name "Juliet"
    And the morning came he tried to forget
    That he died in vain for a Capulet
    And I walk in a shallow grave
    With an iron crow and the holier sin
    When the fire smoke and question again
    Do you tend to provoke another desperate man
    How far will this pilgrim go

    Say it isn't so, say it's untrue
    Boy, you gotta know that I died for you
    Love is gonna hurt, love is gonna bleed
    Meet me at the church if you died for me

    When we interviewed the Australian, she revealed what inspired her to write it. "I did a photo shoot in the Sydney State Library for a Tony Mott exhibition and we used the Shakespeare room for some of the photos," Chambers said. "I was so moved by the room so I went back there and spent the day writing the song in there."
  • This track features acclaimed singer-songwriter, Foy Vance. Chambers told us why she wanted Vance to be part of it: "Foy is one of my favourite singer/songwriters and his Irish sound was perfect for a song that already had a Celtic vibe."


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