Far Away

Album: Sweetest Thing (2019)
  • Katherine Penfold is a tatted-up, motorcycle-riding singer from Vancouver with a sensitive side that comes out in her music. "Far Away," a very personal song about a long-distance relationship, is her first single on a major label, Nettwerk Records. She told Songfacts about the track:

    "'Far Away' is part three of three alongside two other tunes on the album, leading through some seriously hard years for me and my partner, Luke. We're both super motivated to achieve our dreams (it was even something we agreed to on our first date... that our lives were going to be awesome hectic, but if each of us thought we could handle it, let's try for a second date). For the first years of our marriage we were just working, but together. It was only after a while that things really started to happen for each of us, and slowly our lives began to be pulled apart. We were so far outside of being in a relationship that we ended up separating, then finding each other again, but even then we were still completely wrapped up in our work. We decided a step could be to try making a day a week solely a day for us. It was amazing, but of course once we had that it didn't seem like enough; he or me going off to work again and not seeing each other for another week. This song encapsulates the feeling after that day together - remembering everything and wishing for more.

    Music-wise, I had this chorus written years ago, recorded on my phone with a really crap guitar bleating in the background, and I could never figure out what song it was meant to be. One day, whilst messing around with the guitar, it all suddenly came together. The chorus strung into the verses and the whole context was created. I guess I just needed to feel the right heartache for the words to get written down.

    When we started working on the album, Amber Navran [of the group Moonchild] agreed to come in and produced this incredible track from my bare-bone scratch track and she shaped exactly what I wanted to convey with her incredible groove, flutes, chimes and overall awesomeness."

    The song can be heard here.


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