Album: Fall Into Me (2013)
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  • Armiger closes her Fall Into Me album with this gentle acoustic ballad where she sings of a romance. She penned the song with Nashville singer-songwriter Mallary Hope (Lauren Alaina's "The Locket"). "It's the last song on the album, and we wanted the last track to be that song because, stripped down, it's really about the vocal and about being in that moment," she told The Boot. "It's the most tender moment on the album. It's about being with someone who makes you feel safe. That's the best feeling, that when you're beside that person, nothing can harm you."
  • Armiger told Roughstock the story of how she wrote the song with Mallary Hope. "At the time, we had been trying to write a few different times before that, and it just hadn't worked out," she recalled. "We were both touring like crazy. So when we finally sat down, the first thing we did was just talk and caught up on each other's lives."

    "She was seeing somebody new at the time, and it was somebody that she really, really liked," Armiger added. "You could tell. It was at the stage where you know you love that person, but you just don't want to say it yet, but they just make you feel incredible and you're so happy. So we wrote this song called 'Safe.' We wrote it in less that 30 minutes, and it was the first song we ever wrote together. It's one of my absolute favorites on the album."
  • The video was directed by Justin Baldoni, who is best known for his work on TV, having helmed episodes of Heroes and CSI: New York and Miami. The clip was created with the Long Beach Fire Department and depicts the sacrifices of not only first responders, but their families. "I wanted to make a video that really honored first responders, and that really showed what they have to do every day, and how they risk their lives," said Baldoni. "I have so much respect for them."
  • Armiger launched a national awareness campaign, Project Feel Safe, to accompany the song in order to honor the sacrifices of the brave first responders who keep us safe.


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