Crying For No Reason

Album: Little Red (2014)
Charted: 5


  • The third single from Katy B's Little Red album is a big electronic ballad, where she croons about trying in vain to get over the ending of a relationship. The singer told Q magazine that she found it was an emotional experience laying the break up anthem down in the studio. "When we recorded that vocal, halfway through I started crying. I ran out the room," she recalled. "Five minutes later I came back and asked, 'Did you get that?'"
  • The song was debuted acoustically on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 'In Session' slot in October 2013 and was released on iTunes in January 2014.
  • This was inspired by a friend's experience of heartbreak. Katy told The Sun: "'Crying For No Reason' came from conversation I had with my friend. She had a mini breakdown. She was so upset and had burst into tears at traffic lights as she was driving."

    "She didn't know why, then realised it was because of a break-up with her boyfriend, which happened six months earlier," continued Katy. "She had swept all of her emotions under the carpet and had bottled it all up."
  • Little Red isn't named after the flame-haired Katy B. Rather it's titled after the small flashing light on a boy's Blackberry when a message from someone unknown arrives prompting tension in his girlfriend.
  • Katy penned both this song and "5AM" with Robbie Williams collaborator, Guy Chambers. He was suggested to the singer-songwriter as a partner by her publisher. "It was a really good experience," said producer Geeneus to The Observer. "As soon as Guy saw how much Katy knew, it was really chilled out. I mean, she's got Grade 8 piano or something, so he just let her go."
  • Katy and her band perform this against a flashing backdrop in the music video, directed by Sophie Muller, who would go on to helm Katy's "Still" video.


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