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  • Katy B's Honey album is a collaborative project with a host of underground and mainstream artists and producers from a variety of genres. This track features vocals by garage singer-songwriter Craig David and was produced by Major Lazer.
  • The video sees both artists performing in front of a backdrop of Miami nightlife. The clip was directed by Jeremy Rall who also shot Ludacris' visuals for "Rollout" and "What's Your Fantasy." "He made all the old school Ludacris videos and amazing hip-hop videos I've grown up watching," Katy B told BBC's Newsbeat about the director. "It was a dream to work with him and even just to see his ideas come to life was brilliant."
  • Katy B explained the lyrical content to Fader: "[This song] was about my first boyfriend. I used to be in a band with him and when we broke up... I realized everyone I knew in London was in the band. I felt like I'd have to give up my band, my friends, my whole identity, start again from scratch. You don't just lose a person in a breakup. Others might lose their home, even their child and family - I think of people going through divorces when I sing it, too."
  • Craig David's 2000 debut album Born To Do It was a favorite of the young Katy B. She told NME: "Born To Do It was all me and my friends listened to. I wanted a male perspective."
  • The song started life as an instrumental for Major Lazer's Peace is the Mission album. Katy B said: "I was like: can I have this please?"
  • Major Lazer's Diplo told Fader: "This was a working demo for Major Lazer, but we never got it sounding right for us—it went through many different sounds and different vibes, I might have 20 versions on my computer from reggae to dancehall to a slowed-down electronic beat. We even did a sort of Pat Benatar style 180 BPM version that I loved!"


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