I'm Still Breathing

Album: One of the Boys (2008)
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  • This obituary for a dead relationship was produced and co-written by former Eurythmic Dave Stewart. Perry recorded this with Stewart in London, England. In our interview with Dave Stewart, he explained that he excels at writing songs with a melancholy kind of atmosphere, and cites this as an example. Says Stewart: "If you go to Katy Perry's album, the one really sad and melancholy song on it is 'I'm Still Breathing.' It's talking about a relationship, but it's putting it into a strange context. It has lines like, 'I'm still breathing, but we've been dead for a while.' You know, 'I think we're losing grip, let's abandon ship,' and all that kind of funny imagery mixed together."
  • Three different ex-boyfriends show up on Perry's One of the Boys album. This and "Thinking of You" are about the same guy, while "Ur So Gay" and "Mannequin" are about the other two.
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  • John from ThereThis is about us fighting "PTSD-USMC" from and about when I got back from Iraq....she tried soo hard to get with me and I denied her every time...this is all about the time she flew 5 hrs from CA to KY & then drove 2 hrs just to see me for 3 minutes after I kicked her out...this was may-june time frame back in 2008
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