• This inspiring slice of gospel-pop, which is filled with self-help references, is a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Prism. Perry told Entertainment Tonight that the hardship she endured following the collapse of her marriage to Russell Brand made her self-reliant and strong. "'I did a lot of self-reflection in spring of this year and this is where a lot of the songs from Prism came from," she said. "I kind of just did a lot of work on myself and gave myself some time and healed up some spots that needed to be healed, and did a lot of self-therapy."
  • Perry's boyfriend John Mayer shares a co-write credit on this song along with the singer and producer Greg Kurstin. The Santa Barbara native said it was Mayer who also provided the name of the album. She explained that she titled the record from, "this time in my life when I got to look inside of myself and kinda be in touch with myself and see if every part of me was okay and kinda learn about my own self love, my own identity."

    "The reason I called it 'Prism,'" Perry added, "was I let a lot of positive enlightenment into my life and it influenced my songs, then I kinda get to reflect all of these positive messages, light and colors like a prism."


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