by KB

Album: Tomorrow We Live (2015)
  • KB told AntiMusic the background to this song: "What does one expect to find when they walk onto a hip hop artist's tour bus? Bottles? Women? Weapons? I think we'd all unanimously agree from the images we've seen in the media that these ingredients are a pretty standard recipe for a hip hop artist," he said "So it's no surprise that I found myself chuckling one night on tour when I walked onto our bus and I saw bottles - baby bottles, I saw women - our wives, and the weapons of our choice were books. I have moments when I'm reminded that what I find normal is incredibly strange for some folks."

    "For the last ten years I've found that the way that I live, think and believe often collapses the perceived expectations of a young black hip hop artist," KB continued. "And I must say that I love it!"

    "I wanted to make an anthem for those who get strange looks for good reasons," he concluded. "Not vain or arrogant reasons, but reasons that come from being changed by God. 'Sideways' celebrates the long stares, the confused faces and the head tilts because it's affirmation for us, that we are exactly where we need to be."
  • The song features KB's Reach labelmate Lecrae and was produced by COBRA (Joseph Prielozny and Dirty Rice).


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