I'm Your Boogie Man

Album: Part 3 (1976)
Charted: 41 1


  • This song was written about a DJ at a Miami, Florida radio station by the name of Robert W. Walker. Walker was the first to give the group's hit single "Get Down Tonight" airplay, so the band showed their appreciation by making a song about him.

    Written by bass player producer Richard Finch and frontman Harry Wayne Casey, The "boogie" of the title is in the sense of dancing, shaking your boogie, and getting down, not with the scary kind of "boogie man." So Walker "was the Boogie Man that brought all the funk and the good feeling and the vibes to the people every morning," according to Finch.
  • A lot of DJs got offended after taking this song the wrong way. In the '70s, "boogie man" was also a common racial insult to a black man. At least one DJ, Frankie Crocker at WBLS in New York, canceled an interview with them upon learning that they were white. They were actually an integrated band, with Finch and Casey the only white members.
  • This was the fourth of five US #1 hits for KC & The Sunshine Band, who created a funky R&B sound with their first hit "Get Down Tonight" and used that as a template for more hits. To learn more about the band, check out our interview with Rick Finch.
  • Films to use this song include the Scary Movie series, 2007's Superbad, and 2009's filmed adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen.

    TV uses include episodes of Malcolm in the Middle, My Name Is Earl, 666 Park Avenue and Scandal.
  • White Zombie did a sinister cover of this song for the 1996 film The Crow: City of Angels. The group also included the song on their album Supersexy Swingin' Sounds.

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  • Boogie Man’s Woman from New Mexico, UsaThe Rob Zombie version of this song has become the musical representation of the love my man and I share. To us, the lyrics tell of a man who loves his woman so much that he will do anything for her. Like the boogeyman’s presence in folklore and cultures worldwide, he is always there, but this lyrical version is not scary. This is a man that will move mountains for the woman he loves. A man who wants only to support and please his partner. A man who can be counted on no matter what. That is MY boogie man.
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