Again And Again

Album: Perfect Symmetry (2008)
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  • Keane bought in Stuart Price, who helmed Madonna's Confessions On a Dancefloor, as co-producer to help with some songs they were struggling to complete. Pianist and chief- songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley explained to how the band particularly valued the producer's contribution on this track: "I felt we had this track, 'Again and Again,' that was actually the oldest track on the record and we were kind of struggling to make it as exciting as the new ones, and with Stuart we just went completely off on a different tangent with it and out came this big, sort of electro-synth monster. I loved working with him; he's a fantastic guy."
  • Drummer Richard Hughes recalled recording this song in Berlin on Perfect Symmetry's bonus DVD: "We were working on the middle eight, a small section of the song and I think we had, Tim had just bought a new keyboard and had an idea of getting a sound from that to put a riff in the middle of the song – it was this beautiful riff that ended up being the thing that the whole song was built about. and that point for me was when that song, we'd been struggling with that song, and that was the moment I felt we'd brought that song into this album cause its quite an old style Keane song in a way. But its been given a really modern twist and that was just through experimentation which is what we were trying to do with everything on this record."
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  • Jeckapah from Bandung, IndonesiaWow...hey, by the way, what's the song about, actually?
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