Selma Drye

Album: The Woman I Am (2013)
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  • Kellie Pickler pays tribute to her great-grandmother on this song. "She was a spitfire," Pickler recalled. "She lived in this little trailer in front of [my grandparents' house] for over 40 years. She never drove a car, never had a driver's license - that was the devil. She was just a strong woman and that song is really about her and her generation of women, and how they were raised."
  • Pickler penned this great-grandma love letter with Billy Montana and Phillip Lammonds. She told Billboard magazine that she feels the lyrics captured the essence of who Granny Selma was. "I was just describing her," she said. "She lived in front of us, and she was a pistol – your stereotypical hillbilly granny. I was so intrigued by her. She had a pistol and an apron, and kept a can of snuff in her apron. She never had a drivers license or had a car – it was the devil. She never put her money in the bank – it was the devil. She was very old fashioned and stuck in her ways. In some ways, it was beautiful. She never conformed to the ways of the world. She kept all of her money in canning jars, washed her clothes in the sink and hung them up on the line. She was very much old school, and I think that song represents the women of her generation."
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