Album: Breakaway (2004)
Charted: 22 6
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  • Avril Lavigne wrote the lyrics to this song, which she worked on with professional songwriters Matthew Gerrard and B. Beneate. It was intended for Lavigne's second album, Under My Skin, but she didn't think it fit the album and let Clarkson record it as a single. The song did so well that at the last minute, Clarkson's second album was renamed Breakaway and this song was included on it. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • The song is about breaking away from an old life and trying new things. Some may even consider it a song about growing up, and that could be true in some ways, but it is mostly about shedding your past and becoming a new person. The theme appealed to Clarkson, who could relate to the lyrics.
  • This song was used in the movie The Princess Diaries 2. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ferris - Ohio, OH
  • Gerrard explained to Songwriter Universe Magazine: "The song was originally written for Avril (Lavigne), it was inspired by her. As it turned out, it wasn't quite right for Avril's album, so we pitched it to Kelly Clarkson. It all worked out great. Kelly sounds great singing it, and it was a big hit for us."
  • Clarkson calls this "The song for everyone going out on their own." She relates it to when she moved from a small town in Texas to Los Angeles, where against the odds she became a star.
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Comments: 11

  • Scott from Brisbane, AustraliaShe definitely has the personal experience to sing this with heart which is why it's a favorite. Good decision by Avril's management to pass it on.
  • Bree-ellan Belgrove from Act, AustraliaThis makes me cry becuase i think of my dad how passt away last year.:(
  • Bree-ellan Belgrove from Act, AustraliaMy school choir is singing this for limelight 2009 step into the limelight.:)
  • Sara from Eckerty, In2005 Crawford County High School, my daughter's graduation class chior sang this song. About 15 kids singing out of tune! I loved it, it is one of my favorite songs.
  • Cati from Atlanta, GaThis song makes me cry. :'(
  • Rachel from Cleveland, Althis song was played too much and now it gets on my nerves. aorry but the lyrics still rock
  • Alex from Gaithersburg, MdMy school sang that song for our 5th grade farewell.
  • Sandy from Warsaw, InLove the song!!!!!
  • Merm from New York, NyThis song was in Princess Diaries II
  • Ferris from Ohio, OhI love this song. It's a guilty pleasure. Haha.
  • Samantha from Oelwein, Iaevery time i hear this song i think about the things that have gone on in my past. it helps me with my struggle with my parents, i have had both my parents listen to this song since i moved out. i told them that i am breaking away and becoming a better person thanks to what they have shown me good and bad.
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