Golden Days
by Kem

Album: Intimacy: Album III (2011)
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  • This track from American R&B artist Kem's third album Intimacy: Album III, was originally intended for another artist to sing. He told SoulTracks: "'Golden Days,' has been several things over the past few years and wasn't originally supposed to have been for me to record."
  • The song features the vocalist Jill Scott, who also co-wrote the track. Kem told SoulTracks about their collaboration: "When I decided to use it for myself, it was clear to me that I wanted to add either a rapper or someone who did spoken word. I tried a few people and took a shot to see if Jill would be interested and available to participate on that song, and she was. We recorded it in Los Angeles - she came into the studio with no entourage, we put it down, ate lunch and just vibed, talking about the business and life in general. It was a good experience for me and I hope that it was for her as well, I'm very grateful that she participated on the record."
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