Knock You Down
by Keri Hilson (featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo)

Album: In a Perfect World… (2009)
Charted: 5 3
  • This song features Kanye West and Ne-Yo, who also appear as Hilson's two love interests in the music video. Ne-Yo made his contribution to the song first. West then met up with Hilson after the album had been recorded and was given an exclusive preview to see on which song he'd like to feature. He chose this track and he laid down some last minute additional vocals.
  • This was Hilson's first #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.
  • Lyricist Kevin "KC" Cossom is one of the co-writers of the song. His previous credits include Rick Ross' "Speedin'," Akon's "One" and T-Pain's "Cash Flow." Cossom told MTV news that producer Danja Hills originally sent the vocals to Polow Da Don as it was earmarked at the time for a male singer. However Polow felt the song was perfect for Hilson. Cossom recalled: "I didn't hear anything about the record for a couple of months, and Danja came and was like, 'Keri cut the record,' I was like, 'OK, all right.' I wanted to hear it. By the time I got a chance to hear it, Ne-Yo had gotten on it. I felt it could be a major record. After that, Kanye jumped on it. It wasn't in the plan; it just happened. I don't think anybody imagined that would happen. I got my first #1 record - #1 Urban, #3 Hot 100."
  • This song contains the lyric, "This is 'Bad,' real 'Bad,' Michael Jackson." It was therefore apt that on the Hot 100 Airplay chart compiled on June 24 2009, the day before Jackson's passing, this song rose to the list's summit. Thus the King of Pop went out on top of a current-based all-format chart.
  • This was the third hit record involving Kanye West to incorporate a reference to Michael Jackson. Previously "Slow Jamz" by Twista featuring West and Jamie Foxx, included the lyric, "She got a light-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson / Got a dark-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson." Also West rapped on his solo single, "Gold Digger","She walking around looking like Michael with your money."
  • Kanye West's contribution was very much a last-minute job. He laid down his rhymes the same day that In a Perfect World was being mastered in Canada. Hilson recalled to RatedRnB that Ye rattled off 60 bars of verse and they had to cut down to 20 bars. "It was long as hell and there was a lot a drama because we had to shorten his verse," she said.

Comments: 3

  • Jessica from Bangor, Mewhen i first heard this song i loved it but then it became WAAAY too overplayed so now whwenever i hear it i just want to throw my radio out the window.
  • Zeech from West Palm Beach, FlHe says the Michael Jackson line and then he says I'm mad real mad Joe Jackson, like he was mad at the way Joe acted after Michael's death, but this came out before Michael died? Eerie.
  • Cristina from Long Beach, Cai use to like this song until they started playing it on the radio so much and it got so annoying and yeah now i dont even want to hear the name of the song.... thats what they get for playing it so much.... one less fan
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