Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends)
by Kid Cudi (featuring Michael Bolton)


  • This epic tune features AOR singer Michael Bolton inviting everybody back to his crib for an after party. Cudi told MTV News how the collaboration with the late '80s legend came about: "My mom is a huge fan so I grew up hearing him in the household and he did the song with The Lonely Island that I thought that was genius," Cudi explained. "I love those guys' work and seeing what they did with Michael they really utilized him, but I was like man I wanna utilize him in a way where I'm not tryna make a joke or anything - I just wanna use the mightiness of his voice in a way that's never been done before.

    "I reached out," Cudi added, "he responded immediately and we were able to get him in the studio for like three hours and most of the time he spent talking and just dropping science. It was really cool to have his energy and just to be around him because he's such a legend, so down to earth and cool. He was like the uncle I never had."


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