Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now

Album: Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon (2014)


  • This ethereal Satellite Flight track finds an angry Kudi targeting people who trash talk him, then won't look him in the eyes when he walks into a room. However, he goes on to rap about feeling rejuvenated and being in a positive space. Cudi wrote the song in the early 2010s when he was in a dark place. "But, you can tell in the lyrics I was on my way to understanding where I needed to be," he told Complex magazine." I was starting to grow and mature there. There were little inklings of little hints there. That song was definitely that. I was on my way to climbing out the darkness and that verse kind of proves it."
  • Satellite Flight is a mixture of instrumentals and rapped songs. Cudi told Complex magazine that he won't rap unless he's inspired. He explained: "I have a bunch of powers but unfortunately I cannot write raps unless I'm ultimately fueled to write a rap, and it happens every so often. When it does happen it happens in the way of a 'Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now.' Where I've been waiting to unleash and I finally have and even though you haven't heard many raps from me, it's just enough to have you satisfied. Also, I aim for timeless. That's always a goal."


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