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Album: Rebel Soul (2012)
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  • Kid Rock penned this tune as a soundtrack for the serving military men and woman as they undertake their dangerous daily routines. "I wanted it to be an anthem, something for the guys to get pumped up to when they've got to go out and do these horrendous jobs," Rock told MTV News. "There's been several songs written, some of them are a little sappy, but all very poignant ... but, from being there so many times, I've heard the stuff they listen to when they're out there, blaring stuff from their Humvees, when they're driving around on these missions ... and I said, 'Man, let's try to make them a theme song, to get them pumped up.'
    "We wanted to keep it very truthful, but heavy and hard, and hopefully It's something that will help them get psyched up when they have to do their job," he continued. "I was almost thinking of maybe what a commander would say to the group as they have to go out and go into one of these situations. And a lot of the guys who work for me now are all guys who have done several tours, so I was able to get a lot of insight. I tried to write what these guys would want to hear."
  • The song was released as the first single from Kid Rock's ninth studio album, Rebel Soul, on October 1, 2012.


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