The Great Deceit

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  • Killswitch singer Jesse Leach penned this political anthem about his unhappiness and fury with the way the world and in particular the US government works. He told "I don't subscribe to it and I don't believe in it. I think the system's broken, and I don't want any part of it right now. That might not last, and eventually I might change my tune, but right now I feel like money, corporations and greed run the world and we're all by-products of their neglect. That's what this song is about."

    "We're entering into a new Reagan era in the United States," Leach continued. "We need to have someone in office for at least four years who's going to tip the balance a little bit back towards the people. Whether you want to call them a socialist or whatever, we need a bit of that. We've been so run dry by the corporations and banks in our country that we need somebody in there who maybe is a bit radical to give some balance back."

    "But let's be totally honest," he added. "Presidents are just puppets and their strings are pulled by people who we don't even know. I firmly believe that. The rich people who own everything make the real decisions. The system is broken and I don't have the answers."

    "This is not the only song that I'll say this on," Leach concluded. "I'm really conscious of letting people know that I'm a regular person. I've got my own problems and I'm not your role model. I'm just a musician, and I'm broken just like you. For me, it's just about being a humanitarian and trying to be positive and show love. That's my political movement."
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