Be Somebody

Album: Only By The Night (2008)
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  • Lead singer Caleb Followill explained to Clash magazine the background to this song: "That was one that we had been messing around with for a bit. It sounded really dark. We had a couple of fans that were getting online that were crazy. They were talkin' so much s--t about us, but at the same time they were talkin' about how we were the love of their lives, and we live together; they had all these weird, f--ked up fantasies. So I kinda wrote these verses about life as we see it, and then in the chorus I'd switch scenes to them. It's like, (sings) 'Given a chance I'm gonna be somebody / If for one day I'm gonna be somebody / So open the door, I'm gonna make you love me / I'm facing the floor, I'm gonna be somebody.' It's about someone really taking it to the next level. I've always said, from day one, no matter how many fans we get, if one of us ever died from a fan, it would be a girl. There's no guy that would wanna kill us. There are girls that get so obsessed they would want to kill us. They wanna shoot us, they wanna do whatever. It's always scared me, but I thought if it's a fear of mine I should write a song about it, maybe I can stop it from happening."
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  • Angie Langdon from Texas City, Txi love love love this song!!!!
  • Matt from Houston, Tx1st comment... cool song
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